"Always remember... there are no strangers here. Just friends that have never met... Yet!"

John grew up with the business in his blood. He was washing pots, standing on milk crates to reach the bottoms from the age of 12 at his grandparents place "Schillig's Black Horse Farms;" they put him in the right direction. Then he was running the front and back end of the business with his Mom and Step-father at their place, "Irv Morrow's Hideaway."Eileen broke into the business as a server, bartender and managing banquets.

If you've seen her in action, anyone can tell she loves it. They both tried all different career choices, but always came back to the business they love. They met at John's Dad's place "Schillig's" in Runnemede. So.......

The name "Schileens" came from John's last name,SCHILlig, and from eilLEEN'S first name. We just combined some of the letters, told the kids this is their new life, and thanks to you, we've been here since 1995. Now with the help of the next generation, our 5 kids, we plan on serving you for a long time to come.

Welcome to Schileens Pub